Injured Female Rugby Players Collateral Damage In The Gender Wars

As reported on, 3 female high school rugby players were injured by a transgender opposing player. The match was the transgender male’s first of the year competing in a high school girls rugby league.

The transgender male played for Guam High School. He injured three Tiyan High School females Saturday. According to the post, and reported by , parents, players, and coaches were upset. As if no one could see that coming!

The head coach of Tiyan High’s boys and girls rugby teams, Conrad Kerber, said the trans athlete’s “body size, body strength…completely dominate any girl that I have on my team.” Well, gosh! Kerber argues for the adoption of the World Rugby Transgender Guidelines that ban biological males in women’s rugby.

The male was characterized as “aggressive.” In a statement made to the local press, that can only be graciously described as bureaucratic and gelatinous, Kerber said: “The aggressive nature that was witnessed clearly showed that it’s a definite issue that we have to deal with. I had three players that were injured in that first game against Guam High directly by that particular player. Right now, we just have to come together as a group and discuss the proper path to take, discuss what the parameters are with allowing transgender males in full contact sports such as rugby.” See the embedded video.

Starnes continues: “Erika Cruz, Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent of Operations, said their legal counsel and management team are looking into the situation. This is obviously something very new to Guam, and at this point, we’re just doing our research, working very closely with legal counsel,” Cruz said. That’s a great strategy for fixing a monumentally obvious problem: let high priced lawyers figure it out. The popular account “Libs of Tik Tok” shared the story on Twitter: “Why do females even bother playing?” the account asked. More vicious than the psychological perversion of the male player is the willingness of coaches and administrators to allow this thug to play against women.

D&B Staff

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