Atlanta Receives $7 Million To Assist In Migrant Resettlement From Border Crisis

The city of Atlanta, Georgia, has received $7 million to prepare for an expected surge in illegal immigrants in the area as the illegal immigration crisis at the U.S. southern border continues.

“While tens of thousands of people have made their way to Texas and other southern states, the impact has spread far beyond,” Fox 5 Atlanta reported. “Back in March, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens told his aides to come up with a strategy should some of the migrants come to the Peach state.”

Atlanta applied and received resettlement funds to assist in handling an estimated 10,000 illegal immigrants that could end up in Georgia.

“Dickens says service organizations that have expertise in managing unsheltered populations will be selected to receive it,” Fox 5 Atlanta added. “Although the millions have been secured, the city council still must ‘formally’ accept the cash.”

The city council is planning to hold a meeting on Monday to formally accept the funds. 

The news comes as illegal immigration levels have continued to break new records with the U.S. Border Patrol experiencing the highest number of illegal border crossings in history last week at approximately 83,000.

D & B Staff

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