Fulton County grand jury targets of threats after Trump’s indictment in Georgia

A few days ago, former President Donald Trump and 18 of his allies were named in an indictment related to the Georgia election probe. As reported, the “Fulton County Sheriff’s Office says threats have been posted online directed toward the grand jury responsible for the indictment.” See 2:40 video of news reporting on the threats and the FBI involvement.

Some reporting found a man named Daniel J. Jones from an organization or entity named Advance Democracy, stating: “The insinuation is these people did something wrong and did something against our democracy that they can’t be trusted, and they need to be dealt with in some way.” Advance Democracy, referred to as “a nonpartisan research organization,” claims one or more of its members “first spotted the troubling posts on a website described as “fringe.”

Jones, identified as the the group’s founder, alleges “photos believed to be of the grand jurors along with their possible addresses and phone numbers were posted.” The FBI is now involved in investigating on-line posting. “The FBI is now looking into threats against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, Sheriff Pat Labat and their families.” The claim is made that since Monday’s “unprecedented racketeering indictment threats have intensified.”

News reports quote a man named David Schweidel, identified as an Emory University Professor and Social Media “expert.” Schweidel informed that “We have to take every threat seriously.” He acknowledged that “authorities are going to end up expending a lot of effort.” Schweidel described the scope of the challenges facing law enforcement. “They must identify those making the threats and to figure out if they are credible.”

“The people making the threats are hiding their identities and their names,” said Anu Bourgeois, a Georgia State University cybersecurity professor. “It’s going to be really difficult for law enforcement to be able to find out who it is that’s actually making the threats.” Both Sheriff Labat and DA Willis have security details assigned to keep them safe.

D & B Staff

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