Georgia Governor Announces $10 Million Purchase Of Israeli Bonds

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has announced that he has instructed the State Treasurer to buy $10 million in bonds from Israel to help the country support its defense against the Hamas terrorist regime after the terrorists launched an unprecedented and unprovoked attack on Israel last Saturday.

Hamas killed more than 1,300 people during the attack during which they deliberately slaughtered civilians. The terrorist group has also reportedly taken hundreds of Israeli hostages, including children.

In a statement, the Georgia Governor discussed the $10 million in bonds purchase. 

“Israel is one of Georgia’s strongest allies and greatest friends, and our support for its people as they endure horrific attacks from terrorists is unwavering,” said Kemp. “Purchasing these bonds is just the latest expression of that support. Though this conflict was not of Israel’s choosing, we know they will be victorious in this fight against evil and those who seek its destruction. In addition to these bonds and other measures of support, Marty and I also ask that our fellow Georgians join us in praying for Israel’s safety, for its swift victory, and for the families painfully impacted by the attacks.”

According to a press release from Kemp’s office, “The $10 million amount was the highest available on the market and brings Georgia’s current total investment in Israel via bonds to $25 million. Since Governor Kemp took office, Georgia has purchased an aggregate of $50 million in bonds (including this latest purchase), with half of the bonds now matured.”

The press release added, “In May of this year, Governor and First Lady Kemp, along with their three daughters, led a delegation of state officials on an economic development trip to Israel. During their visit, they traveled across much of the country, passing through several areas attacked during the initial incursions of last Saturday. Along with members of the delegation, Governor and First Lady Kemp also met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Isaac Herzog, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eli Cohen, and other Israeli officials to discuss security issues in the Middle East, among other topics.”

D & B Staff

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