Antisemitic Flyers Found in Brookhaven, Georgia

The Brookhaven Police Department is partnering with city leaders to investigate the distribution of antisemitic flyers which targeted Brookhaven and at least two other neighborhoods in Georgia over the weekend. According to policed, and as reported, “several Brookhaven residents woke up to antisemitic and “other hate speech” flyers spread across the city overnight.” The distributed flyers in Brookhaven coincided with the Hamas attack on Israel.

Dov Wilker, Southeast Regional Director for the American Jewish Committee, was quoted, in part, stating: “Just earlier today antisemitic flyers were thrown about in my neighborhood in Brookhaven.” In a selected portion of Wilker’s reported statement, he emphasized that “The number one thing that’s concerning American Jewish today, Jewish in the diaspora, is one of safety and security. Are we safe from our neighbors? Every time we stand in solidarity with the Jewish people, we have this anxiety about being attacked by somebody.”

Wilker acknowledged the comfort in receiving the full support of law enforcement. A public statement made by the police asserted: “We want our community to be assured that hate speech will not be tolerated in Brookhaven.”

In a brief background summary, reporting indicated that “since the beginning of this year, antisemitic flyers have been distributed in multiple areas across metro Atlanta, including AlpharettaMarietta and Lake Claire. The Anti-Defamation League said antisemitic incidents hit an all-time high in 2022.” See related post, Emory physician placed on leave due to alleged antisemitic remarks on social media.

“Not only are people facing antisemitism in Israel or the things going on in Israel, we’re facing antisemitism at the highest levels here in the United States. You know sometimes you have to hide that you’re being Jewish in the United States,” said Warren Rockmacher, who was participating in a “Kosher BBQ Festival.”

Rabbi Mark Zimmerman linked the antisemitism in Georgia to antisemitism in Israel. “Sadly, for the Jewish people being the targets of antisemitism or Israel being the target of all of the challenges that they face constantly, this is unfortunately not a new thing, but of course, it’s heightened by the horrible barbarous attacks that we saw coming out of Gaza.” Wilker added: “Israel wants nothing but peace.”

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