South Fulton Mayor Khalid Kamau Closed His Office Monday to Stand with Palestine

Mayor Khalid Kamau, who goes by Mayor Khalid, sent out a release saying he was “closing his office in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.” Reporting has described this act by Khalid as “the latest controversy in a battle brewing between the outspoken mayor and the council.”

A history of some of Khalid’s actions include him being charged with trespassing and burglary this past summer. Khalid was “accused of entering a property owner’s home in South Fulton.” That case remains open. The South Fulton City Council “are suing to remove Khalid after, they say, he revealed confidential city information.”

Khalid chose to express his “solidarity with Palestinian people in Gaza” by not working. Khalid said he was closing his office to participate in a “call over the weekend for a global protest against Israel’s military strikes in Gaza.” Israel’s military strikes, news reporting indicates, began “after Hamas terrorists killed Israelis,” including mass raping of women, decapitating children, and throwing live infants into heated ovens.

Khalid justified his action to use the city to advance or advocate his “personal and political beliefs” by stating: “I do have the right as a taxpayer to say I do not want my tax dollars to pay a regime. As a taxpayer, I never give up the right to speak about that.”

As reported, “the city council says he doesn’t have the authority to do that.” Evidently, the city was open for business on Monday. “We have been here all day,” said Councilwoman Natasha Williams-Brown. “Services have continued just as they normally would.”

However, it appears the situation was not normal. Councilwoman Williams-Brown added: “It caught us all by surprise. The initial reaction is: He can’t do that.” No notice was given to city employees. Williams-Brown says she found out about the mayor’s decision by “reading the paper.” Williams-Brown added that, “To the best of my knowledge, he did not” seek the Council’s consent. Williams-Brown filled in as mayor pro-tempore to keep things running.

D & B Staff

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