Massive Manhunt in Bartow County for Kidnapping Suspect

An armed man wanted on a warrant for kidnapping ran from deputies “at a truck stop along U.S. 411 near Tellus Drive, just off of Interstate 75 in Cartersville.” In addition to trying to elude the pursuing police in Bartow County, while fleeing, the man “reportedly fired shots at a K-9 dog, referred to as a “deputy.” Police sources say “the K-9 was shot multiple times.”

As reported, multiple law enforcement agencies joined searching for the fleeing man. Information from a SKYFOX 5 aircraft that flew over the scene around 5:30 p.m. discloses that a “car was seen in a retention pond near the gas station.” The breadth of the search by the police officers appeared to have extended to the nearby woods.

As presented in news reports, “police sources say the driver of the car is believed to be a kidnapping suspect out of Floyd County.” The source says officers used the PIT maneuver (see descriptions and videos of PIT maneuver here) to stop the vehicle, but the driver ended up crashing the vehicle.

Statements from the witnesses at the scene are consistent with descriptions from news and police sources. “One of the clerks at the truck stop says it happened right in front of him and his father.” The witness described the suspect “running into the woods and the police and my dad was standing beside the building.”  In his statement to FOX 5, the clerk described how the suspect “started running off into the woods. And whenever he had got into the woods, we heard about seven gunshot and my dad came running back up this way.”

The Georgia State Patrol brought in their helicopter as the SWAT team joined other SWAT teams in the search on the ground. In addition to the humans, K-9s were engaged to search the area. Residents in the area have been affected by the police activity and the shooting. Some told FOX 5 “that they have been stuck indoors for hours with officers patrolling the neighborhood and advising them to keep their doors and windows locked.”

Information about the suspect has not been released by officials. A FOX 5 News 2 ½ minute video features a witness describing the chase of the kidnapping suspect.

D & B Staff

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