Election Denier Stacey Abrams Reveals She Will ‘Likely Run Again’ For Governor Of Georgia

During a Monday appearance on “The Drew Barrymore Show,” notorious election denier and two-time loser for governorship of Georgia Stacey Abrams revealed that she will “likely run again” for governor of Georgia. 

“So, what’s next? Are you going to run again? Are you going? Like, so we get to look forward to this and galvanize again?” host Drew Barrymore said. 

“I will likely run again,” Abrams replied. 

“YESSS!!! YESS!! YES!” Barrymore shrieked. 

“Oh my God, so are you going to go up against some tough men who kind of don’t always play fair?” Barrymore continued, encouraging the election denialism that Abrams is notorious for.

“Well, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again,” Abrams replied. “And if it doesn’t work, then try again.”

Abram’s comments come after she conceded her loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) in the state’s 2022 gubernatorial election in November – while still refusing to concede her loss to Kemp in 2018.

D & B Staff

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