Georgia Governor Announces New Manufacturing Facility Will Bring 456 New Jobs And Invest $205 Million

Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has announced that a new manufacturing facility will be opened in the state’s Bulloch County, creating 456 new jobs and investing about $205 million. 

The new facility will be opened by Ecoplastic Corporation, an automotive parts manufacturing company.

“We’re proud to welcome Ecoplastic to our growing ecosystem of manufacturers, logistics professionals, suppliers, and more, building on the record-breaking jobs and investments that are on their way to the Peach State,” Kemp said. “This great company will be able to serve the Hyundai Metaplant well from Statesboro, where it will find a welcoming community of hardworking Georgians and close proximity to our ports system.”

As explained in a press release from Kemp’s office, Ecoplastic was established in 1984 and “is a Korea-based company that manufactures plastic automobile parts for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and other suppliers. Ecoplastic is a Tier-1 supplier for Hyundai Motor Group (HMG) and Kia and engages in the manufacturing of automotive interior and exterior plastic parts, including bumpers, consoles, trims, and plastic molds.”

“Ecoplastic’s new facility will be located at 4822 Highway 301 South Register near Statesboro. The new plant, capable of injection molding and painting, will produce exterior parts, bumpers and garnishes, interior parts, consoles, and trims for electric vehicles. The company expects to begin operations by October 2024 and will be hiring for HR, finance, parts development, quality control, facility maintenance, injection, and paint production positions,” the press release added. 

The President and CEO of Ecoplastic, Shang Han, also released a statement announcing the news, saying, “Ecoplastic Corporation is honored to be engaged in establishing a production facility for electric vehicle parts in Bulloch County, Georgia.” 

“By increasing new jobs within the area and providing a stable supply of high quality products to our client, HMGMA, we look forward to contributing to the economic development of the State of Georgia and Bulloch County,” Han added. “We sincerely appreciate the support of the State and County governments, and Ecoplastic will do our best to preserve a continuous and mutually beneficial relationship.”

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