Daryl Roberts Creates Live 2540 To Serve Suffering Children

Daryl Roberts is a visionary who is on a mission. About 15 years ago, Roberts started an organization he named Live 2540, which is based in Cartersville, metro Atlanta.

Initially organized to “help those in need in Liberia,” over the past decade and a half, Live 2540 has blossomed into a powerful international force that “is helping thousands of children battling hunger and illnesses across the world.” Roberts is now “helping build a pediatric hospital in Liberia.” Roberts elaborated: “We serve suffering children whether they are malnourished, or they have malaria, or lots of different common illnesses, or critical illnesses.”

A brief history of Roberts’ founding of Live 2540 discloses that he started the charity after a week-long mission trip with his wife to Liberia. Roberts explained that on his 2008 brief mission trip he “saw things I’ve never seen before. Children living in really horrific conditions, children with very little food.” Roberts began his charitable engagement by “donating to a small group of children, but those efforts grew into helping thousands address food insecurity, medical needs, and education in Liberia and beyond.”

Roberts’ work now extends beyond his original primary focus is Liberia, West Africa. With the assistance of clinic partners, Roberts does charitable work in “Sierra Leone and Burkina Faso. We have a large feeding program in the Philippines as well.” As reported, their biggest project now is building a pediatric clinic in Liberia, to be named the Walker Phillips Critical Care and Malnutrition Ward.

The origin of the clinic’s name is a reference to Walker Phillips, a 10-year-old child who died “in a house fire in Cartersville in 2022.” Walker’s parents, Courtney and Cory Phillips, joined with Roberts to advance Live2540. A notable relationship to the University of Georgia is that Cory Phillips is a former football player, and Courtney is a former University of Georgia gymnast.

Roberts stated poignantly, “They want his life to be a catalyst for good things to happen. Walker was a very special kid. He loved people, he loved God.” An “April fundraising event called Love Like Walker to raised $430,000 to fund the operating costs at the clinic for a year.” Roberts and the Phillips are, indeed, doing God’s work. To learn more about Live 2540, visit the website. For photos of the youngsters in Liberia, see here.

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