Woory Industrial Company Opening New Facility In Georgia, Creating Over 130 New Jobs And Investing $18 Million

On Wednesday, Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that Woory Industrial Co., Ltd., an automotive parts manufacturer, would be opening a new manufacturing facility in Dublin, Georgia, which will create over 130 new jobs and invest $18 million in Dublin-Laurens County. 

“We’re proud to welcome Woory Industrial as the latest job creator to help us on the path to becoming the e-mobility capital of the nation,” said Kemp. “This emerging industry continues to bring historic levels of new jobs and investment to communities all over the state, thanks to our highly-skilled workforce and reliable infrastructure network. With these and other assets, I’m confident Woory will have a long and beneficial partnership with Dublin-Laurens County.”

Woory Industrial Company, known as Woory, specializes in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning components and systems for the world’s automotive industry. Along with its traditional product lines, Woory has recently began concentrating on the development of new products for electric vehicles (EV) and hydrogen-fueled cars.

“Currently, we are facing a revolution in the automobile industry for the first time in 100 years. The transition to electric vehicles is the future, and the U.S. EV market is the key market among all automotive markets,” said Jungwoo Kim, CEO of Woory Industrial Company. “Over the past 10 years, Woory has successfully grown into a specialized EV component company through continuous innovation. Georgia will be a good opportunity for Woory to take another step forward as part of the vanguard of EV development. We are confident that our experience and technology will contribute to the prosperity of the community, and we sincerely appreciate the partnership of the State of Georgia and the City of Dublin.”

According to a press release from Kemp’s office, “Woory’s new facility, located at 404 Kellam Road in Dublin, will be the company’s first U.S. manufacturing location. The facility will produce electrical heaters, control units, and actuators for EV and internal combustion carmakers in North America. Operations are expected to begin in November 2023.”

“Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, electric vehicles do not have a heating source. Accordingly, heaters for electric vehicles are required for heating the cabin and to maintain the temperature of the battery. Woory’s pioneering development of electric heaters over the last 10 years has led the company to become a leader in this growing market segment,” the press release added. “From July 1 through December 31, 2022, the automotive industry was the second-largest source of new jobs and investment in Georgia. As the fast-emerging EV industry continues to grow in market demand, the state has pursued job creation opportunities along the entire supply chain, resulting in over $22.7 billion in investment and the creation of more than 28,400 jobs since 2020.”

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