Three People Arrested Relating to Protests at ‘Cop City’ Site

Protests against what is referred to as ‘cop city’ have been ongoing for months. Violence has been inflicted during some of the protests. Nevertheless, some of the violent people have been characterized as ‘protesters’. Some protesters have been arrested. The protesters claim to oppose the new police training center scheduled to be built.

Now, the scope of the alleged criminal activity by the protesters has expanded beyond attacking police and destroying property. As reported, “Three people connected to protests at the site of the planned Atlanta Public Safety Training Center have been arrested on charges of money laundering and charity fraud.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) announced the arrests May 31, Wednesday morning, in conjunction with the Atlanta Police Department. “Marlon Scott Kautz, 39, of Atlanta, Savannah D. Patterson, 30, of Savannah, and Adele Maclean, 42, of Atlanta, were all charged with money laundering and charity fraud.” A video describing the arrests and photos of the three arrested people can be seen here.

On Wednesday, relating to what has been described as “an ongoing investigation” into these crimes, the Atlanta Police released the following statement: “Today’s executed search warrant and subsequent arrests stem from an that is being jointly prosecuted by the GBI and the DeKalb District Attorney’s office.”  The GBI and the DeKalb District Attorney’s office represented that they would provide additional details relating to the crimes and answer questions pertaining to the ongoing investigation. Atlanta Police Department officers served search warrants and made arrest.

Providing some background that led to the arrests, the GBI says the arrests stem “from the ongoing investigation of individuals responsible for numerous criminal acts at the future site of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.” The three arrested people are alleged to be organizers of the protests associated with the Atlanta Solidarity Fund. This fund is represented as “a non-profit organization and bail fund founded to provide legal support to anyone arrested while engaging in protest.”

Micah Herskind, described in reporting as a ‘community activist’ criticized the arrests, framing the arrests as an unjustified attack on the right to protest. Herskind stated: “I think that it is a really frightening and dangerous escalation by the Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, the police, and by Governor Brian Kemp against the right to protest.” Herskind elaborated on his condemnation of the Atlanta government, adding: “and not just the right to protest but the ability to support those who have been criminalized for protesting.”

Despite Herskind’s overlooking the issue of criminal behavior by some of the ‘protesters,’ as reported, the GBI informed that “agents and officers executed a search warrant and found evidence linking the three suspects to the financial crimes.” FOX 5 cameras were there as law enforcement appeared to raid a home in east Atlanta.

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