Georgia AG Announces Largest Indictment Of Motorcycle Gang Members In State History

On Monday, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced the arrest and indictment of 16 alleged members of the Southeast Georgia Chapter of the Outcast Motorcycle Gang. The indictment is considered to be the largest motorcycle gang indictment in state history.

“This historic indictment is a testament to the results we are able to achieve when all levels of law enforcement work together to do one thing – keep the people of our state safe,” said Carr. “By leveraging our resources, we can more effectively dismantle the growing gang networks that are terrorizing our communities and endangering the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. We are thankful for the dedicated efforts of the hundreds of brave officers who assisted us throughout this case, and we are confident that Georgians across the state will watch closely to ensure justice is served every step of the way.”

According to a press release from Kemp’s office, the “Outcast Motorcycle Gang is considered an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang or a ‘One-Percenter’ Motorcycle Gang. Other Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs include the Hell’s Angels, the Pagans, the Vandals, Sin City Disciples and Chosen Few.”

“The Outcast Motorcycle Gang is known to engage in a range of criminal activity, including murder, assault, and drug and weapons trafficking,” the press release added. “The Outcast Motorcycle Gang is a highly organized structure with hierarchical leadership. Its national and local chapters are led by elected officers, such as President and Vice President.”

The press release explains that the defendants allegedly engaged in an armed robbery attempt and shooting on June 17, 2022, in Richmond Hill, Georgia. The six victims were associated with a rival motorcycle gang. 

“During the course of the investigation of the shooting incident, evidence was obtained indicating the existence of a conspiracy to violently assault members of the rival motorcycle club and to forcibly rob them of their motorcycle vests. This conspiracy is believed to have lasted for more than a year, from Aug. 24, 2021, through July 16, 2022,” the press release said.

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