Republican Georgia Governor Begins Second Term With Promise To Invest In Schools, Public Safety

On Thursday morning, Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp was sworn in again for his second term as the state’s governor after winning the 2022 election by a much larger margin than he did in 2018.

The ceremony began with a prayer service at The Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta and ended with officials taking their oaths at the new Georgia State University Convocation Center in southeast Atlanta. 

“My fellow Georgians, four years ago I stood before many of you and laid out a roadmap to deliver on big promises – to shake up the status quo and to put hard working Georgians first,” Kemp told the crowd. “None of us could have imagined the immense challenges our state would face in the years to come.”

The Republican then listed some of the challenges Georgia overcame under his administration, including quickly recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic and rapid economic development. He said that policies should be focusing on helping Georgians by focusing on education, crime and economic growth. 

“Your state governor should care a lot more about safe streets, good schools and good jobs than what the pundits are saying on TV,” Kemp said. “Over the next four years we’re going to be focused on growing Georgia, not growing government.”

“The budget my office will release tomorrow will make historic investments in our schools, our safety, our citizens and our future,” he added.

Kemp said his goal is to create opportunities for Georgians and help young people be successful. 

“Our job is to make sure our kids get the best education they can, our streets are safe from crime, our citizens have access to good paying jobs in a state that welcomes opportunity and investment,” he said.

D & B Staff

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