Stacey Abrams PAC Must Pay Back Tax Dollars For Voter Suppression Lawsuit, Judge Orders

Fair Fight Action, the Political Action Committee (PAC) of two-time loser for governorship of Georgia Stacey Abrams, has lost a lawsuit against Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and has been ordered by a federal judge to pay the State of Georgia. 

Stacy Abrams was the democrat candidate in the race for the governor of Georgia. As reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, Fair Fight Action filed the lawsuit against Raffensperger back in 2018 in an attempt to what has been described as to “hold Georgia accountable for an elections system that violates various right of Georgia voters under federal law.”  

This articulated justification for Fair Fight Action’s lawsuit is disclosed “according to its official website.” The report asserts that fighting against “voter suppression in the state (of Georgia)” is a “long-standing” commitment by Abrams. Fighting voter suppression was one of Abrams’ preeminent campaign issues.  

A federal court judge ruled that the pro-Stacey Abrams “group must repay the quarter-million dollars cost of a lawsuit against Raffensperger.” The judge identified the categories of costs Fair Fight Action was ordered to repay: “$231,303.71 in legal fees. $192,628.85 of that is for “printed or electronically recorded transcripts necessarily obtained for use in the case”. The order added that the “other $38,674.86 is for making copies to use in the case.” 

As reported, Raffensperger released a statement on Jan. 10 claiming U.S. District Court Judge Steven Jones ruled against all of Fair Fight Action’s claims. Raffensperger suggested the judge’s award was inadequate. Raffensperger declaimed: “This is a start, but I think Stacey Abrams should pay back the millions of taxpayer dollars the state was forced to spend to disprove her false claims.”  

Regarding Abrams’ allegations of voter suppression and the implied racism in such allegations of suppression, Raffensperger opined: “We saw record voter turnout in 2022, extremely high voter turnout for a midterm election, at levels that prove claims of voter suppression are just as trumped up as claims of stolen elections.”

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