Georgia Senate Gives Final Approval On Tax Refunds Despite Democrats’ Opposition

The Georgia state Senate has given final approval to Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s tax refunds and tax cuts for Georgians, despite Democrats voting against the bill. 

The measures give income tax filers another $1 billion in tax refunds and approve Kemp’s pause of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for months.

Single filers would receive $250 in refunds, single adults who head a household with dependents would receive up to $375, and married couples filing jointly would receive up to $500.

The Senate voted 46-7 in favor of income tax refunds, which would give Georgians tax refunds for the second year in a row. Some Democrats voted against the bill. 

“This bill is about getting state money back in the pockets of hardworking Georgians instead of letting it stay here at the state level,” said Mike Hodges, a Brunswick Republican.

Last Friday, Kemp already signed into law his plan for a $950 million property tax rebate as part of this year’s amended state budget.

Both tax refunds were key pledges of Kemp’s in his reelection campaign last year. 

D & B Staff

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