Three Deaths from Explosions at a Barrows County Home

A home in Barrow County, Georgia, exploded Saturday morning. The home exploded multiple times. Three people were killed. As reported, officials “discovered a substance” later found in the home may have been the cause.

The explosions occurred just after midnight, Saturday morning, at the he home which is located on Hidden Acres Road. “Firefighters with Barrow County Emergency Services were called to the home after one explosion was reported.” The FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team report quoted Barrow County Fire Chief Alan Shuman, who elaborated: “As firefighters arrived quickly, multiple explosions were going off inside the home. The home was fully involved in fire and was collapsing as a result of the fire. Several vehicles were also involved.”

Several people were trapped inside. After entry into the home, firefighters found three people who had died. Additional firefighters engaged at the scene to quell the fires started by the explosions. The firefighters, as reported, determined the “multiple propane cylinders found in the home were the source of the explosions.” No explanation was suggested or offered as to why propane tanks would be placed in the home.

Chief Shuman exclaimed the event was “tragic.”  Chief Shuman commended the firefighters and medical personnel for their outstanding work. He then added: “We also want to remind citizens that it is extremely dangerous to have propane cylinders stored in your home, or any other structure.” An investigation is continuing with assistance from “the Office of the Barrow County Emergency Services Fire Marshal, the Georgia Fire Marshal’s Office and the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.”

D & B Staff

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