Arrests Made Relating to Douglas County Birthday Party Shooting

On March 4, Chrystal Walker-Cherry, a Douglasville mother, told FOX 5 she hosted a Sweet 16 birthday party on Sitka Drive for her daughter. “Well over a hundred teenagers were invited.” A brief timeline leading to the shooting was presented in the FOX  5 Atlanta report. The mother on Sitka Drive invited many people to her daughter’s party.

The mother, Walker-Cherry, stated that immediately “before the shooting, she kicked everyone out of her home after her husband discovered someone was smoking weed.” Neighbor Lashondra Martin told FOX 5: “Not even two minutes after that we heard gunshots.” Lashondra Martin elaborated that she acted quickly. “So, I immediately ran outside, saw a little girl in the streets and just wanted to make sure it was none of my children.”

As reported, a “gunman opened fire on the partygoers. Samuel Moon, 15, and Aj’anaye Hill, 14, were killed. Seven other juveniles, ages 14 to 19, were injured.” Police report that three people have been arrested relating to the killings and wounding that has been described as a mass shooting. “The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office released a Facebook video of the suspects being walked into the county jail Tuesday evening.” Police stated more information would presented to the public Wednesday morning.

D & B Staff

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