Georgia Homeowners Beware! Man Arrested Although Squatters Broke Into His Home

Tim Arko owns a home in DeKalb County, Georgia. He had rented his home and then his tenants moved out of his home. Only a few days after his tenants relinquished his property, Arko, in an interview with WSB-TV, informed that “squatters broke into his residence in February,” and elaborated by disclosing that they “are still living there.” Arko called 911 to report the home invasion and the damage that had been done to his home. The DeKalb police arrived and arrested Arko.

One detail provided in some reporting referenced that “Arko added that code enforcement actually cited him for not properly maintaining the home.” Arko further informed that he was cited although “he can’t legally access his own home.”

Background information discloses that a few days after Arko’s tenants vacated the premises of his East Lake rental home in back in the winter, “he arrived there to find not only that someone had broken in, but also that a gun was being pointed at him after he pulled into the driveway.” Arko exclaimed he “just jumped the fence and ran.”

Arko called 911 that day in February, “but police took him into custody instead.” Arko alleges that the squatters informed the police that Arko was “a home invader” and that Arko was in their home. As reported, Arko “wasn’t charged with a crime once he showed police it was his property. But six months later, the alleged squatters are still living there.”

Arko detailed some of the destruction inflicted on his property by the trespassers. “I walked in on weapons, a prostitute, a bunch of dogs in the back, my fence broken down.” As reported, “two people have died in this home from overdoses since the calamity commenced.” Nevertheless, “court backlogs have left Arko unable to legally enter the home he legally owns.” See 2 ¼ minute video FOX 5 providing information about Arko’s residence situation.

John Ernst, Arko’s attorney, is quoted as allegedly stating: “No one likes, you know, being in the court system, but it becomes even worse when it seems broken down.” Arko added, in his interview with WSB, “I feel like it’s very heavily weighted toward these trespassers and criminals.”

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