Georgia Jail Where Trump Could Be Booked Is Under Investigation

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis empaneled a grand jury that indicted former president Trump and others, “including Rudy Giuliani, Mark Meadows, Kenneth Chesebro, Sidney Powell, and Jenna Ellis.” The indictments comprised 98-pages and were based on “an array of charges” alleged to be “related to their conduct” exhibited after the 2020 presidential election.

Willis issued “arrest warrants for Trump and other defendants and set a deadline of 12:00 p.m. on August 25 for them to voluntarily surrender. As reported, the surrender, voluntary or otherwise, is expected to take place at the Fulton County jail. The Fulton County Jail has been in the news lately, and not for stellar law enforcement reasons.

As reported, an inmate at the Georgia jail “where the 45th president is purportedly scheduled to be booked” recently died under federal custody. “This is the second inmate to die at the prison in less than a two-week span.” See photo of the Fulton County jail cell where LaShawn Thompson’s death occurred. The most recent inmate to pass away was “34-year-old Christopher Smith.” Smith was found unresponsive in his cell by a guard. Soon after, he was quickly transported to a local hospital where he was eventually pronounced dead. The cause of death has not yet been determined.

A summary of recent deaths in the jail indicates that “Less than two weeks prior, Montay Stinson, 40, was similarly discovered unresponsive in his cell. Stinson was booked on a second-degree burglary charge and died on July 31st.” A city commissioner has been quoted as saying that the prison a “humanitarian crisis,” as roughly 500 inmates were forced to sleep on the floor due to a lack of resources.

More grotesque suffering within the jail has been reported. The jail also made headlines in September 2022 when a man died after being “eaten alive by insects and bed bugs.” Lashawn Thompson, 34, was the victim in the bug incident and his family’s lawyer referred to the case as the “most deplorable death and custody case in history.” As of August 2023, five inmates have died just this year while in Fulton County custody.

A person posted on X (previously Twitter) “This is where Trump will be held. The Department of Justice (DOJ) opened an investigation into conditions inside the Fulton County Jail last month after an “extensive” review included a report about LaShawn Thompson, an inmate who died in September 2022 after he was allegedly eaten alive by bugs in his cell.

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