Georgia Gov Signs Tax Refunds Into Law

Republican Governor Brian Kemp has signed into law the legislation granting tax refunds to Georgia taxpayers. 

“While some in Washington D.C. are calling for tax increases, we’re sending money back to hardworking Georgians,” said Kemp. “And while they want to grow government, we’re growing opportunity. Last year, we returned over a billion dollars to the taxpayers of our state, and I’m proud we’re doing it again. Thank you to those in the General Assembly who supported this measure to help Georgia families fighting through 40-year high inflation.”

As previously reported, “The measures give income tax filers another $1 billion in tax refunds and approve Kemp’s pause of taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel for months.”

“Single filers would receive $250 in refunds, single adults who head a household with dependents would receive up to $375, and married couples filing jointly would receive up to $500,” the report added.

According to a press release from Kemp’s office, “The Department of Revenue (DOR) will begin issuing the special income tax refunds within six to eight weeks. Taxpayers must file their 2021 and 2022 taxes prior to receiving the refund. Just as last year, single tax filers and married individuals who file separately could receive a maximum refund of $250, head of household filers could receive a maximum refund of $375, and married individuals who file joint returns could receive a maximum refund of $500, based on an individual or couple’s tax liability. DOR will issue the overwhelming majority of special income tax refunds by July 1 of this year, for those who file on or before April 18.”

D & B Staff

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