Georgia Democrat Calls Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Uncle Tom’ For Being Conservative

On Tuesday, Georgia state Sen. Emanuel Jones, a Decatur Democrat who is black, called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas an “Uncle Tom,” who is like someone who has “sold his soul to the slave master.” 

Jones racist comments came as he discussed his opposition to a bill that would create a statue honoring Justice Thomas. The statue would be placed on the grounds of the state capitol building in Atlanta, where there is already a statue of former Democrat Governor and President Jimmy Carter.

As previously reported, “Thomas grew up in Georgia in poverty during the Jim Crow era, which was a time when Democrats enacted state and local laws that enforced racial segregation. Thomas grew up to be the second black justice on the Supreme Court when he was appointed in 1991. However, Democrats oppose honoring Thomas because he is conservative.”

During his racist rant attacking Thomas, Jones also admitted that he did not know if “Uncle Tom” was a real or fictional person, and that he did not even know the origin of the term. 

“We cannot avoid that conversation so I’m not going to avoid it either,” Jones said of the discussion surrounding the statue.

“In the black community we have an expression — and I don’t want to use this label too deeply here because I’m just trying to tell you what we have in the African American community when we talk about a person of color that goes back historically to the days of slavery and that person betraying his own community — we have a term in the black community,” Jones said.

“That term that we use is called ‘Uncle Tom,’” he continued. “And ‘Uncle Tom’ is a — either fictional or a non-fictional character, I don’t really know the origin of ‘Uncle Tom’ — but it talks about a person who, back during the days of slavery, sold his soul to the slave masters,” Jones continued.

“There’s a whole laundry list of positions that Justice Thomas has taken that I find offensive,” Jones said. “Sometimes, when I talk to the majority party, I say, ‘Y’all just don’t get it.’”

Republicans responded by pointing out that the Georgia Capitol grounds has a statue of former Democrat Gov. and President Jimmy Carter.

“There are citizens, probably members of this body, that take issue with his policies when he was governor or president, but we respect history,” said Republican state Sen. Jason Anavitarte.

The Georgia state Senate ended up voting 32-20 along party lines to support the statue, with Republicans voting in support of the statue and Democrats unanimously voting against it. 

The bill now moves to the state House for further debate.

D & B Staff

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