Neighborhoods In Dunwoody, Georgia, Littered With Anti-Semitic Flyers

On Sunday, several neighborhoods in Dunwoody, Georgia, were littered with anti-Semitic flyers.

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, one resident said he picked up about fifty bags filled with corn kernels and the hateful messages around his neighborhood.

“It was extremely nerve-racking for me because you hear about it in the media on the news all the time, but it’s never at your front door and when it’s at your front door it’s just disheartening and sickening,” the resident told the outlet. “We’re unified in terms of standing up against hate. There is no place.”

Dov Wilker, the Southeast Regional Director for the American Jewish Committee, said the incident was “really painful.”

“These folks who perpetrate these type of attacks have one intention only and that’s to intimidate the communities where they’re basing themselves and so to notice that and see that they’re continuing to spread this anti-semitic hatred message is really painful,” he said.

City officials condemned the incident and the individuals responsible for spreading the hate. 

“The Dunwoody Police Department is aware that a number of residents of all faiths received anti-Semitic flyers in their driveways overnight,” said Dunwoody Chief of Police Billy Grogan, per Fox 5 Atlanta. “We are actively investigating this incident and working closely with the Sandy Springs Police Department, as their community was victimized as well. If you have any information related to this case, please contact 911. There is no place for hate in Dunwoody.”

Republican Governor Brian Kemp also condemned the individuals responsible for the incident. 

“This kind of hate has no place in our state and the individuals responsible do not share Georgia’s values. If needed, state law enforcement stands ready to assist @SandySprings_PD and @DunwoodyPolice in their investigations. We will always condemn acts of anti-Semitism,” he wrote on Twitter.

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