Doraville Police Officer Charged with Concealing the Death of a Teenager

Susana Morales was sixteen years old. She had been missing from her Gwinnett County home since last July. Miles Bryant of Norcross was a former Doraville police officer. Now, a warrant application has been issued for Bryant’s arrest, who is being charged concealing the death of  Susana Morales. The alleged facts revealed in the legal documents, such as in the arrest warrant, “disclose new details into what police happened with the teen’s disappearance.”

Morales had been missing since last July. Now, Gwinnett detectives say 22-year-old Miles Bryant of Norcross hid the teen’s death and then lied about it. The brief background of Morales’ disappearance indicates that the young lady hadn’t seen her since the evening of July 26.

The Morales family told police that night that Susana “texted her mom at 9:40 p.m. to tell her she was on her way to her home on Santa Anna Drive.” As reported, “officials confirmed an app on Morales’ cell phone showed that she was walking in that direction on Singleton Road from Windscape Village Lane between 10:07 p.m. and 10:21 p.m.” Detectives believe she had gotten into a vehicle. Morales never made it home.

A gruesome breakthrough in the case came on Feb. 6, as reported, “when officers responded to the area between Drowning Creek and Barrow County after someone reported seeing what they believed were human remains in the forest.” The Gwinnett Medical Examiners’ office tested the remains and said the DNA matched Morales’ dental records. The site was about 20 miles from where the teen was last seen.

In the warrant application, officials allege that Bryant lives close to where Morales was last reported on Windscape Village Lane and dumped her naked body in the woods.

The warrant also says police suspect Bryant of rape, murder, and other felonies, though the former officer has not been charged with any of those offenses at this time.

The FOX 5 Atlanta report concludes by stating that Bryant does face charges of concealing the death of another and false report of a crime. In the warrant, police accuse Bryant of falsely reporting that his vehicle had been broken into and that his gun was stolen.

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