GA State Senator Captures Video Showing Groups of Illegal Migrants Hidden In Rooms at ATL Airport

Republican Sen. Colton Moore (R-GA), who is vice chairman of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, captured video footage of illegal migrants being hidden behind closed doors at the Atlanta airport. A person self-described as a “volunteer with an NGO” told Senator Moore that “ICE recently released them.”

As reported, Moore told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he learned about the group of migrants through a “whistleblower,” who had previously noticed a rise of illegal aliens arriving at the airport in recent months. See three minute video here. The “volunteer” stated that the people were “recent documented travelers getting to be where they need to be” who were waiting to be “transported somewhere.”

It was disclosed that this volunteer was with an organization named Team Libertad. The volunteer stated his mission. “We’re all getting them flights to where they need to be.” The volunteer added: “These are just recently documented travelers getting released from ICE and getting to where they need to be.” The volunteer didn’t offer where the immigrants needed to be and why they needed to be where he said they needed to be. When Moore asked where the people were from, the volunteer replied: “from all over.”

When Moore asked to go inside the room to get a better look, the “volunteer” prevented the Senator from entering. When Moore began to take a video, the “volunteer” blocked the Senator and his camera and a woman associated with the volunteer intervened and loudly exclaimed “you’re not allowed… you’re done!” The video ended.

As reported, Team Libertad brags on its social media pages about helping illegal migrants travel to U.S. destinations. “According to a signup page, the group is part of a program that greets illegal aliens at the Atlanta airport once they arrive and accompanies them to their gates.”

Moore said that the room was packed with dozens of illegal migrants from all over the world. “This comes as the Biden Administration is facing criticism after it was revealed they have been flying illegal migrants in secretive overnight flights to New York City and elsewhere in the country.”

“When I took my phone and reached it up above the guy to get a better view of all the illegals in the room, that’s when chaos broke out. That’s when the U.S. Army guy took the phone. It was a scrimmage between he and I in order to get the phone back. And then he proceeded to tell me to get out of there and just made a real big scene out of it.”

A spokesperson for the Georgia National Guard told the Daily Caller that they were “not aware of the incident in question or any such activity involving the Georgia National Guard at the airport.”

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