Atlanta Antifa Terror Suspect Is Former CNN Employee, Daughter Of ‘Global Diversity Expert’

An Antifa member, who was arrested for allegedly violently rioting in Atlanta, is a former CNN employee and the daughter of a “Global Diversity Expert” and a New Jersey-based Chinese pharma tycoon. 

Teresa Yue Shen, 31, was one of seven rioters arrested at the construction site of an Atlanta Public Safety Training Centre last week. The training facility has been named “Cop City” by its opponents. According to the Daily Mail, “Mental health consultant Shen traveled from Brooklyn to Atlanta to protest the creation of ‘cop city’– which has sparked violent clashes after a protestor was shot dead after allegedly shooting a Georgia State Police officer.”

Shen was charged with domestic terrorism and aggravated assault of an officer, and she has previously been arrested during an anti-ICE riot at the Bergen County Jail in 2021.

“Her father, James Shen, 58, is the president of publisher WiCON – which owns Pharma China – and brags about its links to the ‘most multinational pharma companies’ across China,” the Daily Mail reported. “Her mother Xiao-Hua Shen was one of the first group of university scholarship students sent by the Chinese Government to study in the UK at Exeter University.” Her mother “calls herself a ‘Global Diversity Expert’ who has an ‘in-depth knowledge’ of how to do ‘successful business in China.’”

“Shen herself appears to have followed in her father’s footsteps initially, interning at both Reuters and CNN – with the latter refusing to report on the clashes after the ‘conflict of interest’ was revealed,” the outlet added.

Over the weekend, Antifa reportedly organized a riot they called a “night of rage” in response to an armed and violent rioter being killed by police after the rioter had shot a Georgia State Trooper. Antifa members came to Atlanta, Georgia, from other states to participate in the riot. Shen was allegedly one of those individuals.

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