13-year-old Killed In SW Atlanta Shooting

Over the weekend, a young teenager, 13-year-old Deshon Dubose, was killed after being shot multiple times in Southwest Atlanta.

As reported by Fox 5 Atlanta, officers responded to 3351 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive at around 11:24 p.m. and “found a boy there on the sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds. First responders rushed him to Grady Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The Fulton County Medical Office identified the victim as Dubose.”

Dubose was believed to have been skating earlier that evening at the Cascade Family Skating facility. Dubose left the skating establishment. It seems that Cascade Family Skating was hosting what is described as “teen night.” Also, it seems that teen night has had a history of being associated with criminal and or anti-social behavior. In a dramatic disclosure, a spokesperson for the Atlanta Police Department told FOX 5 “Teen night has always been a problem, it’s nothing new. I just hate it came to this.”

An employee at a nearby business expressed shock that something like this could happen. “Like dude, how did y’all even get those guns? Why are y’all at a level of anger and beef where you have to use a gun?” the unidentified person said. “It’s sad to see it because they’re younger, so they haven’t developed certain mindsets to make certain choices and decisions. But, it’s the fact that it’s still happening.”

Adding to the insightful comments about this vile killing made by people, official and unofficial, District 10 City Councilwoman Andrea L. Boone released a statement Sunday evening, referring to the violence as “deeply disturbing.” Boone elaborated: “This type of violence is especially abnormal for this area. The skating rink has in many ways been a safe haven for families. It has been that way for decades because Cascade Family Skating and the Alexander family have poured love and care into this treasure of Southwest Atlanta.”

D & B Staff

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