Six Suspects Arrested For Violent Rioting In Atlanta, Only One Is From Georgia

The Atlanta Police Department has released the names, mugshots and charges tor the six suspects arrested for rioting downtown on Saturday night. Only one of the suspects was a Georgia resident. 

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, “Nadja Geier, 24, of Nashville, Tenn.; Madeleine Feola, 22, of Spokane, Wash.; Ivan Ferguson, 22, of Nevada; Graham Evatt, 20, of Decatur, Ga.; Francis Carrol, 22, of Kennebunkport, Maine; and Emily Murphy, 37, of Grosse Isle, Mich. were each charged with four misdemeanors and four felonies.”

The misdemeanor charges were rioting, pedestrian in a roadway, willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer and unlawful assembly. The felony charges were second degree criminal damage, first degree arson, interference with government property and domestic terrorism.

The riot was part of a planned “night of rage” that was reportedly organized by Antifa in response to an armed and violent rioter being killed by police. The rioter had been protesting the construction of an Atlanta Police Department training facility when he became violent and shot a Georgia State Trooper. The rioter was subsequently killed by police officers.

In response to the six suspects’ arrests, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp released a statement on Twitter.

“Only one perpetrator arrested during Saturday’s riot is from Georgia. None of those arrested during last week’s operation are from Georgia,” Kemp wrote.

“Law enforcement demonstrated how quickly we shut down those trying to import violence from other states, and we’ll continue to do so,” he added. 

D & B Staff

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