Wanted man wearing body armor shot by officers during attempted arrest

Police were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on a man wanted on one or more criminal charges. As the arrest attempt was developing at an apartment in Sandy Springs, the man flashed a handgun and began firing at the officers attempting to make the arrest.

This incident, as reported, happened “just before 3:30 p.m. at an apartment complex along Sante Fe Parkway, near the 7600 block of Roswell Road.” When the Sandy Springs Police officers attempted to serve the arrest warrant and take the man into custody, according to the police statements, the man “pulled out a gun.” Shots were fired “and the suspect was struck.” Reporting claims “it was not immediately clear if the man fired any shots.”

Notably, the man was wearing body armor, which allegedly “stopped at least one bullet.” The man, whose name has yet to be disclosed, was taken to the hospital for evaluation and treatment.

As is standard procedure after a shooting by a police officer, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation “has been asked to investigate. This is the 55th such incident the state agency has been asked to handle.”

D & B Staff

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