Lowes employee Donna Hansbrough Reinstated

Donna Hansbrough was fired on June 25 from her employment at Lowes because she tried to stop three criminals from stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise. During her attempt to impede the stealing, Hansbrough was beaten savagely by one of the criminals. Hansbrough is 68 years old. The reason asserted by Lowes for firing Hansbrough was she  violated the company’s policy on stopping the theft of merchandise.

Reported a few hours ago was that earlier today Hansbrough had been reinstated. “In a statement sent to Fox News Digital, Lowes spokesperson said Hansbrough accepted the offer to return.”

Apparently, “senior management” became aware of the incident and chose to speak with Hansbrough about it. “After senior management became aware of the incident and spoke to Donna Hansbrough today, we are reinstating her job, and we are pleased that she has accepted the offer to return to Lowe’s.”

The company statement reaffirmed its commitment to customer safety: “First and foremost, there’s nothing more important than the safety of our customers and associates. Products can be replaced; people cannot. We continue to work closely with law enforcement to investigate and prosecute those who are responsible for this theft and violent attack.” The company statement gave no explanation for its dramatic reversal of firing Hansbrough.

As reported, “Hansbrough was initially fired after she attempted to stop thieves from stealing roughly $2,000 worth of merchandise from a Georgia store.” She was an employee for 13 years. She tried to grab the shopping cart with the merchandise—never attempting to attack or physically make contact with the criminals—and was pummeled in the face by one of the criminals.

As reported, police identified the three suspects as Takyah Berry, Jarmar Lawton and Joseph Berry. “Lawton was taken into custody and police are still searching for Joseph and Takyah, who are uncle and niece, according to a July 20 Facebook post from the Rincon Police Department (RPD).”

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