There’s a New Sheriff in Georgia’s Clayton County

A new sheriff is in town. Clayton County, Georgia, has elected Levon Allen to complete the remaining term of ex-Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill. Levon Allen won the Clayton Sheriff election by 266 votes, giving him 51% of the vote.

Allen’s defeated opponent, Clarence Cox, was a veteran law enforcement officer. Cox had “38-years of law enforcement experience.” Additionally, “Cox was previously the chief investigator with the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office, a past National President of the National Organization of the Black Law Enforcement Executives, and the leader of Convoy of Care.”

The rise of Allen in Clayton County law enforcement has been described as “meteoric.” See The FOX 5 I-Team reported on Allen’s meteoric rise. In merely five years, Allen advanced in the department “from deputy sheriff to the number two man in the department, chief deputy. The jump included a $100,000 salary increase.” Allen’s campaign was not without controversy and criticism. As reported by The I-Team,  Allen spent nearly $50,000 in taxpayer’s money “to put his name, and sometimes image, on billboards, cars, and theater screens as he campaigned to remain sheriff.”

Background information regarding Levon Allen includes that Allen “is former Sheriff Victor Hill’s godson. The allegation is made that Hill “handpicked” Allen to become the next sheriff. Hill has considerable impropriety in his recent past. For example, Hill was sentenced to 18 months in prison for violating the constitutional rights of detainees inside the Clayton County Jail by ordering them held in restraint chairs for hours.” Perhaps Hill’s godson will do better.

D & B Staff

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