One Prostitute Arrested, One Not Apprehended, Relating to Death of Georgia Man

Tiffany Ann Guidry, is described as “one of two known prostitutes” wanted in connection to the death of 42-year-old Nathan Millard. “Guidry, along with Tabbetha Barner, have outstanding warrants connected to the businessman’s death.” Guidry is now behind bars.

summary describing events regarding Millard’s death and finding his body includes that Millard was from Covington, Georgia and the father of five children. Millard was in Louisiana on a business trip. As reported, “He had a meeting on Feb. 22 and went to an LSU game. That evening would be the last time he was seen.”

Reported details of Millard’s last few hours alive include, as described by investigators, he had visited Happy’s Irish Pub, along 3rd Street near Convention Street in the downtown district, a few hundred feet from where he was staying, “around 10:30 p.m. that night.” Millard had been “cut off” from further alcohol consumption “by the bartender.”

After walking around near Interstate 110, “about an hour later and less than a mile away,” police say Millard encountered a security guard at the Greyhound Bus Station.” The security guard, as reported, “believed Millard looked out of place and offered to help him. The guard would ask if he needed a cab, Uber, or another ride service. Millard would decline and continued on his way.”

Reporting made the assertion that, per investigators statements, “at no point during the evening did Millard appear to be in any sort of distress and was at the locations under his own power.” See Video obtained by WBRZ  A person with Millard is seen wearing a light colored shirt. As categorized in the article “The person appears to be stumbling a bit while Millard appears to be walking fine.” Millard’s body was found 11 days later less than two miles north of the Greyhound station. An autopsy of would reveal “’no evidence of internal or external.” For more information on finding Millard’s body, see here.

Tiffany Ann Guidry was taken into custody while standing on the corner of Nicholson Drive and Terrance Street, just a mile south of where Millard was staying while in Louisiana. Police say they were tipped off to her location. Police are still searching for Barner.

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