Nine Children Injured in Georgia Gas Station Mass Shooting

Over the weekend, nine children aged five to 17 were injured in a mass shooting at a gas station in Columbus, Georgia. The police informed that “Gunfire rang out at a Shell station on Warm Springs Road just after 10pm on Friday.” Nine people, as reported by The Independent, were rushed to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The victims, as disclosed in the article, included a four-year-old boy, 12-year-old boy, two 13-year old girls, one 13-year-old boy, one 14-year-old boy, two 15-year-old boys and one 17-year-old boy. As reported by the police, “a large group was gathered at the gas station for reasons that remain unclear.” The background leading to the shooting is being investigated. “No information has been released about any suspects, and police said no arrests have been made as of Saturday morning.”

Stating what was on everyone’s mind, Columbus police Chief Freddie Blackmon said “The rash of gun violence involving our youth is impacting communities across the country.” Blackmon issued what he hoped were comforting remarks. “While Columbus is not immune to these incidents, I want to assure citizens that the men and women of CPD are tirelessly working to get violent offenders off our streets.” Blackmon elaborated, asserting that a broad-based community effort was needed to reduce violence. “It is going to take a community effort to combat gun violence in our city. The entire village has a responsibility because incidents like this impacts all of us.”

D & B Staff

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