Former President Jimmy Carter in Hospice Care

 President Carter has entered hospice care and will be treated in his home. He shall receive care at his home “his remaining time” after a stay at the hospital, Carter Center said Saturday.

Born and raised in Plains, Georgia, Carter joined the US navy in 1946, serving on submarines. In 1953, he left the service and returned home to Georgia to run his family’s peanut farm. The 98-year-old former president—whose full name is James Earl Carter, Jr.—founded the Carter Center, a not-for-profit charity organization, in 1982. As reported, President Carter elected to receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention. He became the 39th U.S. president when he defeated former President Gerald R. Ford in 1976.

This article asserted that Carter won the 1976 presidential election after beginning the campaign “as a little-known, one-term Georgia governor.” Carter’s performance in the Iowa caucuses was described as a ‘surprise,” and established Iowa “as an epicenter of presidential politics.” The article alleges that “Carter went on to defeat Ford in the general election, largely on the strength of sweeping the South before his native region shifted heavily to Republicans.” Carter served a single term and was defeated by Republican Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Carter, a Democrat, is the longest-lived president. As reported in a related article, “Carter won the 2002 Nobel peace prize for work to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, advance democracy and human rights, and promote economic and social development. He is known for a devotion to the Baptist faith.”

As he embarked on a political career, he became an activist Democrat who opposed racial segregation and supported the nascent civil rights movement. From 1963 to 1967, Carter served in the Georgia senate and was elected governor in 1970.

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