Man Killed In Georgia Prison Laid There For Hours Before Guards Discovered Him

Hours went by before guards discovered the body of 31-year-old Brandon Burrell after he was stabbed to death at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification State Prison earlier this year, according to the newly released autopsy report.  

Medics found rigor mortis had already begun on his remains, which is the stiffening of a corpse’s limbs and begins a few hours after death. Burrell was also cold to the touch when they arrived, and he had stab wounds all over his body.  

Rhonda Perez, his mom, said that guards should have heard his screams for help. 

“I do not know how long he laid there asking for help, or begging that man to stop,” she said, sobbing, per Fox 5 Atlanta. “The cuts were small, so it took hours for him to bleed out.” 

According to Perez, both she and her son knew he was in danger and their attempts to have him moved the day before his death were ignored.  

The autopsy report also found that there was no running water in the cell and there was blood smeared on the walls. 

Burrell was serving time for burglary and gang participation, among other offenses. His mom says that these crimes shouldn’t have amounted to a death sentence.  

According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the outlet has done extensive reporting on the violence inside the Jackson prison, including extortion schemes.  

“In April, a federal judge slapped the prison’s supermax unit with $2500 per day fine for the deplorable conditions,” the outlet reported.  

D & B Staff

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