Low Income Pregnant Women in Georgia Will Soon Get Welfare

Pregnant women in Georgia could soon qualify for food stamps and welfare if the Georgia government determines the woman is “low income.” As reported, a bill allowing low-income pregnant woman to get food stamps and welfare is moving forward in the Georgia Senate. “Tuesday, the Senate Childrens and Family’s committee approved House Bill 129, which had already been passed by the House of Representatives.”

The legislation proposes that “low-income woman would be added to the list of those eligible from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, or TANF.” The FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team informs that, presently, “Georgians can only qualify for the welfare service if a child is already born and lives in a home with either one parent or two with one incapacitated.”

Gov. Brian Kemp had disclosed his plan for the bill in his State of the State address earlier in the year. Gov. Kemp stated: “To support new mothers even more, my team is proposing legislation that will allow pregnant women who qualify to receive TANF benefits. Previously, they were unable to apply for such assistance until after the child was born,” Kemp said. “I know this measure is supported by many in this chamber, and I am grateful for your backing.”

The bill was sponsored by State Rep. Soo Hong, a Republican. The bill was approved by the house nearly unanimously. Hong declared: “All we’re doing is making sure is that our pregnant woman and the those who need it the most are going to be receiving benefits.” The bill is awaiting senate approval. That the bill might provide incentives for women to get pregnant who cannot independently take care of their pregnancies or take care of their children was not addressed in the news coverage.

D & B Staff

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