Georgia Senate Votes Down Buckhead City

A geographically-defined community named Buckhead wanted to secede from the City of Atlanta. A Georgia Senate committee approved two bills that could allow the neighborhood of Buckhead to secede from the city of Atlanta. As reported on FOX 5 Atlanta, It’s the first time that the controversial issue connected to crime and racial and economic division has moved forward under the Gold Dome.

Senate Bills 113 and 114 passed in committee and were sent to the full Senate for more debate. “If approved, Buckhead residents would vote to determine if they should break off from Atlanta and form their own city.” Crime and taxes were the compelling issues. Kelly Rodts, a Buckhead City supporter, said to the Senate committee that “Atlanta taxes us to the nines,” and added that Atlanta city “police have failed to stop both petty and violent crime.”

Rodts elaborated: “This violence has reached a tipping point, and that is why we are all here today. Buckhead is a target. We’re a target for criminals in the city, and Atlanta has not been able to protect us.” If approved by the Senate, “Buckhead residents would vote to determine if they should break off from Atlanta and form their own city.”

On Thursday, the Georgia Senate voted 33-23 to reject SB 114, quashing plans by those looking to have the Atlanta neighborhood secede to form its own city. As reported, Buckhead City supporters have cited violent crime in the area as a reason to split. Opponents are quoted as alleging that “a new city wouldn’t be able to stop criminals from coming to the area.” Opponents further allege that the secession plan “doesn’t deal with major issues and could make crime worse by weakening the remaining parts of Atlanta.”

Opponents elaborated: “taking apart an existing city is much more complicated than creating a new one, and that it’s even more complex to dismember Atlanta, which has its own school system and extra layers of local taxes and debt.” The reporting pointed out that “none of the bill’s sponsors represent the city of Atlanta.”

Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens stated: “Atlanta is one city, with one bright future.” Dickens added: “Whether you support or oppose deannexation, I will continue working with you to improve our services, to invest in our communities and ensure a safe city for all.” No reference was made regarding strategies for reducing crime.

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