Fifteen-Year-Old Robbery Suspect Arrested with Cache of Weapons

A 15-year-old being arrested on suspicious of armed robbery was found in possession of what has been described as “cache of weapons.” According to the police, some of the firearms had been “modified to be fully automatic.” Separate from any other firearms violations that may apply to a teen having these firearms, the possession of fully automatic weapons without proper federal certification is a federal criminal offense.

The arrest occurred in southwest Atlanta. Because of his age, not much information can be released, including the juvenile’s identity. Police did disclose, however, that the number and characteristics of the firearms “surprised the officers.”

A brief history of events that were part of the current arrest discloses that “Newnan’s Drug and Vice Unit were at the home along with Atlanta Police investigating an armed robbery that happened in Newnan back in April.” As reported, “Investigators believe a 15-year-old is one of two juveniles responsible.”

Police claim they found “the kid hiding in a bedroom in Atlanta with the covers pulled over him.” More than snuggling under blankets, Newnan Police Sgt. Nathan McNamara reported that the teen possessed “an AR (initials refer to a firearms platform developed by Armalite) pistol fully loaded with the safety off.” Police elaborated on the details of this juvenile are the time of the arrest. “The child’s finger was on the trigger of the AR pistol.” The police further informed that they “later found two more handguns in the bed.” One of those handguns had been “stolen during that armed robbery in April.”

All the caches of firearms was found “in the same bedroom.” Many of them were determined to have been stolen from Georgia cities such as “Newnan, Atlanta, and Carrollton.”

Details of the firearms found with the juvenile disclose that “more than ten firearms were seized, along with extended magazines, double-drum magazines for rifles, and at least one handgun that was modified so that it could fire continuously, much like a fully automatic.” Police have arrested two juveniles for the Newnan armed robbery in April; a 14-year-old, and the second arrested, this 15-year-old. See this two-minute video describing the arrest and photos of the stunning array of firearms confiscated by the police.

D & B Staff

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