Father Killed, Man Hospitalized in a SE Atlanta Shootout

Atlanta police are investigating the death of Rashone Gardner who was shot multiple times on the porch of a southeast Atlanta home Friday.

As reported on Fox 5 Atlanta, police officials told FOX 5 they received a call at around 11 a.m. claiming a person was shot on the 1100 block of Kipling Street SE near Moreland Avenue. The body at the scene was Gardner’s. He had been shot multiple times on the front porch of one of the homes in the area.  

As reported, “Investigators say it appears that the shooting happened during a dispute between two groups, one of which the victim was a part of.” Atlanta Police Lt. Germain Dearlove elaborated. “It was two groups. Two or more on both sides. There was a large exchange of gunfire. We are still working to determine what lead up and when they fired and what they fired.”

Police allege the possibility that multiple weapons possible were used. As reported, FOX 5 cameras on the scene saw at least 40 shell casing in the area. See photo embedded in the article that shows what were marked as dozens of shell casings on the ground. The article provides additional details. “A car being hauled from the scene had countless bullet holes in its side. Dozens of evidence markers littered the scene counting each spent shell.” 

Another alleged victim has been taken to a local hospital. The person is conscious and police are preparing to interview him. Lt. Dearlove added: “Currently, right now, we have one person shot at the hospital as well. We are working to get an interview with him as well to see what led to the shooting incident we have now.” As is all too common in these outrageous tragedies, “neighbors say Gardner was well known and well-loved in the neighborhood.” 

Additional information is being collected. Investigators, the article asserts, say there was a second scene less than a half mile north on McDonough Street. “Police believe those involved in the shootout may have stopped there after the shootout.” Witnesses and additional information are being actively sought. The article concludes with the appeal that anyone who has knowledge of anything connected to the violence contact the Atlanta Police Department.

D & B Staff

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