NC Lt Gov. Mark Robinson: Gods Plan Is Not Always Apparent Immediately

In this episode, Republican North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson joined the Doc and the Block podcast to discuss how he overcame the struggles in his life and how God’s plans for us are not always immediately apparent.  

Robinson grew up as the ninth of children in a very poor family. His father, who was the provider for his family, died in ninth grade. 

After his father died, his mother decided to get a job as a custodian at North Carolina A&T State University rather than depending on welfare from the government. This decision and the sacrifices his mother made to provide for her children are things that stuck with him and resulted in his strong work ethic.  

After graduating from high school, Robinson served in the Army Reserve, and later attended North Carolina A&T State University and began working in manufacturing. 

In 2019, Robinson began his political career by entering the Republican North Carolina Lieutenant Governor primary, and eventually beating out Democrat nominee Yvonne Lewis Holley in the 2020 election for the position of North Carolina Lieutenant Governor. 

D&B Staff

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