An Atlanta Hair Stylist Gives Cuts for a Cause

On November 8, 2023, a fire destroyed or significantly damaged 283 units at the  Reserve at LaVista Walk apartment.  A 9-minute video of the devastation inflicted on the housing project can be seen on this link. Two people were arrested and charged with criminal damage to property for setting off fireworks on the roof which are believed to have started the blaze. Photos of the two people arrested for causing the fire can be seen here.

From tragedy rose charitable grace. “Atlanta hair stylist DL Norwood, who works at Van Michael Salon, held an American Red Cross fundraiser Sunday to raise money for victims of house fires.” Norwood stated he was “motivated to do so after seeing the aftermath of the LaVista fire.” Norwood expressed the imperative to help others in distress. “I think it’s just really crucial right now to just help out. Lend a helping hand.”

Norwood’s empathy was cultivated by his personal experiences. “I know what it’s like to not have and go without. Those people just needed some comforting, and they lost everything.”

As reported, on Sunday, Van Michael salon in Buckhead held what they called “cuts for a cause” and partnered with the American Red Cross to “raise money for displaced residents at the Reserve at LaVista Walk as well as others who have lost their homes in fires.”

“The American Red Cross helped over 350 people impacted by the reserve at LaVista Walk fire alone, serving over 500 meals and snacks to displaced residents.” The death and destruction from home fires are staggering. “The Red Cross says home fires are the country’s most frequent disaster with around seven people dying in home fires each day across the country.

The Red Cross becomes a lifesaving guardian. “Every single night there are Red Cross volunteers that are going out to people’s homes to give that care and comfort and support to provide prescriptions, eyeglasses, a place to stay, food and clothing,” Kim Lane of the American Red Cross of Georgia explained.

Norwood publicly expressed his hope that his efforts to spread awareness of the need for home fire victims will make a difference for victims of fire disasters. The cause “was screaming my name,” Norwood explained. Norwood’s campaign with Van Michael can be accessed here. You can also donate to the Red Cross here.

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