Danger on Atlanta to New Orleans Delta Flight

A passenger described as “unruly” on the Delta flight from Atlanta to New Orleans is now facing charges. Officials allege the passenger “cut his own neck and then threatened a flight attendant.”

FOX affiliate WVUE reports that the “violent confrontation happened after Delta Air Lines Flight 2432 had landed at Louis Armstrong International Airport Wednesday.” As narrated by another passenger to the news station, passengers “were called to help 39-year-old Nelson Montgomery, who was bleeding from the neck.” Precipitously, the “situation turned dangerous when this passenger said Montgomery pulled a flight attendant into a chokehold and threatened to “cut off her head” with what appeared to be a shard of broken glass if anyone got close to him.”

As reported by news outlets, eight people were needed to subdue Montgomery until law enforcement could take him into custody. Deputies told WVUE that Montgomery is receiving medical treatment. Montgomery will also be “charged with aggravated battery, simple battery, and disturbing the peace.” The flight attendant, as reported, was treated at the scene for minor cuts.

The Delta flight 2432 was met by law enforcement personnel upon landing. A Delta spokesperson informed that: “Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior on our aircraft and in our airports. Nothing is more important than the safety and security of our people and our customers.”

D & B Staff

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