Atlanta Police Find Guns, Ammunition and Drugs from New Year Eve Call

Shots fired on New Year’s Eve led to the confiscation of a significant amount of drugs, ammunition and firearms. Atlanta Police officers were dispatched around 10:40 p.m. to the area of Rebel Forrest Drive and Redford Drive in southeast Atlanta. 

Police say an officer heard gunshots and saw up to 20 armed people near the intersection. Most scattered when they saw the officer. As reported by FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team, police officers “did a search of the area, but did not find the suspect. Police say they did find hundreds of spent shell casings on the ground. Police say they also found a cache of drugs and weapons.” 

The reports elaborated that video released by the department shows 16 firearms officers confiscated including three that were reported stolen. Additionally, body cam video from the officers also shows the suspects’ vehicles left abandoned. Police say they obtained search warrants and towed the vehicles away. “In addition to the weapons and ammunition, police say officers found 1.5 pounds of marijuana.”  

An investigation is on-going to determine the identities of the participants at the scene. Charges are likely, the Atlanta police department declared. 

D & B Staff

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