Atlanta City Council Members Receiving Death Threats From Leftists For Supporting ‘Cop City’

Atlanta City Council members are receiving death threats from leftists after voting in favor of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center last week. The threats have become so severe that many council members have been forced to have police officers stationed outside their homes. 

According to one of the victims of the threats, council member Michael Julian Bond, anonymous callers have also used racist language for black people in addition to death threats. He says he’s never seen or heard such hostility in all his years on city council.

“Council members have actually had their lives threatened,” Bond said.

Leftists have been launching death threats against Bond and other members who voted in favor of the training center for police and first responders ever since their vote.

“They said all kinds of ugly things to me,” he said. “There’s been gratuitous use of the ‘N-word’ against me. They’ve made threats against my staff and the entire office.”

Last week, the Atlanta City Council voted to approve a plan to fund the construction of the training center that its opponents have dubbed “Cop City.”

These opponents of the facility have engaged in violent riots and domestic terrorism, including recently setting equipment on fire and throwing explosives at police officers. 

They also orchestrated a violent ambush on police officers, and have hidden “life-threatening” booby traps around the construction area targeting police officers.

D & B Staff

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