‘Vengeful wingnuts’ claim responsibility for recent attacks against Atlanta PD

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) held a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss “public safety and targeted attacks that occurred over the 4th of July weekend.” Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens began the press conference by describing “that several police motorcycles were destroyed on July 1 at a police academy and special ops center for the Atlanta Police Department.” Dickens expressed his opinion, described as a “confirmation,” that the attacks “are related to the planned controversial Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.”

Dickens alleged that the group who claimed responsibility for the attacks described themselves as “vengeful wingnuts with nothing to lose.” The “nothing to lose” phrase is curious, since these people could be or are charged with crimes. Perhaps this phrase employed by these self-styled wingnuts was used for dramatic effect and taken from one or more Jack Reacher films or TV shows where Reacher describes himself as a drifter “with nothing to lose.” The words “vengeful” and “wingnuts” are not defined in the reporting.

Yet again, Dickens, as is the case with all politicians and police spokespersons, emphasized that the “APD and his administration support those who wish to protest peacefully.” However, Dickens elaborated that disruptive and, arguably, criminal behavior “will not tolerated by those who are determined to commit criminal acts.” Those people will be prosecuted “to the full extent of the law.”

Dickens described those people as “criminals hiding in the middle of peaceful protesters.” Dickens added that the APD has notified “local activists about the threat that they represent.” The violent protesters were later described as “professional anarchists” who are not from the Atlanta area, “but travel around the country in hopes of creating chaos.” For more coverage, see here.

The damage extended beyond motorcycles. “Windows were broken out of several police vehicles at the precinct that is in charge of protecting the Atlanta BeltLine.” As reported, this damage occurred about an hour before the motorcycles were set on fire. The arsonists, as reported, were interrupted by an “alert citizen.”

Attacks and damage extended beyond police targets. Revealed during the press conference was that “at least three attacks” have been inflicted upon contractors “associated with the training center.” The vandals / criminals appeared to be methodical and strategic. “In one case, tires were flattened on a vehicle at a private residence. During another instance, a home was badly damaged, and another case involved graffiti.

As an indicator of the vandals’ creativity, it was reported that the protesters threw spoiled meat during the training center protest. These events occurred during what has been called by the “protesters” as a “Week of Action.” The police seem powerless to stop the damage. Rewards through Crime Stoppers for information leading to the arrests of those involved are available. A 24-minute video of the complete press conference can be seen here.

D & B Staff

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