Two Puppies Saved By Firefighters After Being Swept Into Storm Drain

Two puppies have been saved by the Paulding County Fire Rescue (PCFR) after being swept into an underground storm drain during Tuesday night’s storms. 

In a Facebook post from PCFR, authorities said the puppies are “lucky to be alive.”

“Neighbors heard the crying puppies, who were trapped in a two-foot wide pipe nearly 20 feet underground and 60 feet from the nearest manhole – all of which made the rescue complicated and dangerous for first responders,” the post said. 

“Thankfully, because of the amazing teamwork by the Paulding & Cobb County Fire departments, both puppies were rescued. Although a little scared they will be fine!!” the post continued. 

“Congratulations to the courageous firefighters, who have specialized confined space training and equipment, who worked for more than an hour to make the save. Great job brothers!” the post added. 

D & B Staff

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