Toyota Industries Corporation Expanding In Georgia, Creating More Than 250 New Jobs

On Tuesday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that Toyota Industries Electric Systems North America, Inc., (TIESNA) would be expanding its campus in Pendergrass by creating a new manufacturing facility, which will invest $69 million and create more than 250 new jobs. 

“Georgia has distinguished itself as a leader in the automotive industry, and we’re thankful Toyota has chosen to expand its footprint here in the best state for business,” said Kemp. “With these new jobs coming to hardworking Georgians, we’ll keep working with our partners on the state and local levels to bring even more opportunity to communities across Georgia.”

According to a press release from Kemp’s office, “TIESNA is a subsidiary of Toyota Industries, which is headquartered in Japan and develops and manufactures automobile-related products, including car air-conditioning compressors and car electronics components for worldwide carmakers. The Group has operated in Pendergrass since 2004, starting with TD Automotive Compressor Georgia, LLC (TACG), followed by Toyota Industries Compressor Parts America, Co. (TICA) in 2012. These companies currently support more than 400 jobs in Jackson County.”

“TIESNA’s new facility will be located at the 1700 Valentine Industrial Parkway campus in Pendergrass. The new facility will produce DC-to-DC converters, which converts high voltage to low voltage to supply power to auxiliary equipment. Operations are expected to begin in 2025,” the press release added.

Senior Regional Project Manager Kristen Miller, who represented the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s (GDEcD) Global Commerce team on this project in partnership with Jackson County Area Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Power, the Georgia Ports Authority, and Georgia Quick Start, also released a statement announcing the news.

“Since being welcomed to Jackson County in 2004, Toyota Industries has become part of the fabric of the community there,” said GDEcD Commissioner Pat Wilson. “Building long-term relationships is a strategic way to give Georgia a competitive advantage when companies are looking to expand. Maintaining 50 years of representation in Japan has also allowed us to keep the lines of direct communication with corporate HQs, including Toyota Industries’, open. We are excited to welcome TIESNA to Jackson County, and congratulations to the many partners involved!”

D & B Staff

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