Three Individuals Killed After Shootout In Atlanta

Three individuals are dead after a shootout at West End Mall in Atlanta, Georgia. Police say the shooting was “targeted” and happened on Evans Street just after 1 pm.

Members of the community and loved ones of the victims spoke about the shooting to Fox 5 Atlanta shortly afterwards. 

“I fell out because this is not what you want to see,” said Kiwii Ashmead.

Ashmead’s nephew, 20-year-old Jakobi Maddox, was one of the three people that were shot and killed Saturday. Maddox was the father of a one-year-old boy.

“We were supposed to be going on a family vacation next week. Now, we’re not going with my nephew. Instead, we have to bury my nephew,” Ashmead told reporters. “He was a gentle giant, very respectable, but unfortunately, you know, the streets got a hold of him.”

Another longtime resident, who identified herself as “TT,” told the outlet that she’s seen just how dangerous the streets can be. She said she saw the moments leading up to the shooting.

“Two guys arguing over ‘who got money’ and ‘who pistol is the biggest’ ended up shooting each other,” she said. “It’s very concerning about what’s going on now. It’s getting very outrageous over here now.”

According to Atlanta police, one of the men involved approached two others with his firearm and started shooting. Then one of the other two men returned gunfire. All three were pronounced dead.

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