The Trump Grand Jury Foreperson Does the TV Circuit

Emily Kohrs was elected the foreperson of the grand jury tasked with determining whether former President Trump is criminally indicted. Kohrs’ position is serious and weighty. The act of criminally indicting a former president of the United States is unprecedented; the consequences cannot be presently determined with precision.

Ms. Kohrs handled her considerable weighty responsibilities by going on what has been characterized as a “media tour.” Ms. Kohrs enjoyed her attention, giggling and laughing and coyly avoiding meaningful questions, asserting that she had to obey certain “rules,” presumably about her duties not to disclose certain categories of information. See the embedded video clips here, one showing Kohrs being interviewed; another showing pundits analyzing the interviews given by Kohrs.

As reported on the Todd Starnes Show, “Emily Kohrs appeared on multiple liberal news channels, giggling about the number of indictments in what turned out to be strange interviews.” Kohrs commented about her expectations regarding the grand jury proceedings. “I will be sad if nothing happens. That’s my only request for something to happen. I will be frustrated if nothing happens. There was too much for nothing to happen. I will be happy as long as something happens.”

As shown in one of the videos, Kohrs wanted to “hear from the former president … she wanted to swear him in.” Chortling, she stated it would be “awesome” to ask former President Trump whether he would swear to tell the truth.” She avoided a direct answer when asked why she wanted to go public about the proceedings. Kohrs simply commented that the process was “really cool.”

As reported, CNN reacted to the event of a foreperson of the Grand Jury that investigated Donald Trump in Georgia making her rounds on cable news: “Why this person is talking on TV, I do not understand” The analyst added; “I guarantee you prosecutors are wincing… It’s a prosecutor’s nightmare.”

When asked how she would feel if the district attorney elected not to bring charges against the former president, Kohrs replied, “I would be sad.” She spent too much time, Kohrs added, “to say okay, go home”

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