Store Clerks Arrested For Selling ‘Gas Station Heroin’

There’s heroin and now there’s ‘gas station heroin.’ As reported on Fox 5 Atlanta, Tianeptine, which is sometimes known as “gas station heroin,” has caused growing concern in Georgia. The Georgia Legislature passed a law that took effect in July making it a Schedule I controlled substance. Any product with Tianeptine was supposed to be removed from store shelves.

Peachtree City police reported that a Peachtree City, Georgia, store clerk and a manager were under arrest after selling this ‘gas station heroin,’ a drug that was supposed to be taken off the shelves last summer. In this particular store, according to the Peachtree City police, the store removed the drug from its shelves, but continued to sell the drug surreptitiously “under the counter.”

Police raided the Village Store on Highway 54 after an undercover drug buy of a product investigators say contained Tianeptine. Police say the store clerk, Corey Payne, sold the illegal narcotic. The product the store sold is called ZaZa Red. Also under arrest, Village Store manager Feroz Jiwani. Police charged him and Payne with felony distribution and sale of a controlled substance as well as use of a wireless device to facilitate drug sales.

The addictive quality of the drug is extreme. As reported, Peachtree City Police say some users of the drug were so addicted they spent thousands of dollars for a single weekend binge. Police say it is a warning to retailers who pulled the product off the shelf but continue to sell it.

D & B Staff

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